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    Underwater Christmas

    Between lights, music and nativity scenes in Tellaro.
    On Christmas Eve lights, colours and music will light up the lovely village that has been celebrating for 40 years in a typical marine style.
    The underwater Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas night.
    Every year the statue of the holy child leaves the waters, carried by a group of divers until it is placed in the manger with a frame of more than 8000 candles arranged by the Sporting Union of Tellaro and celebrated by fireworks over the sea.

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    The legend of the Octopus

    It’s legend says hat in 1660 Tellaro escaped an assault by Saracen pirates because Saint George’s bell suddenly rang, waking up the inhabitants that rushed to repel the attempted incursion.
    And who tugged at the rope of the bell that ended up on the rocks?
    No other than a big OCTOPUS…in the name of that, the second Sunday of August there is the traditional “Sagra del polpo”.
    The “polpo alla tellarese” is boiled and served with potatoes, olives, tomatoes, onions, parsley, salt and olive oil.
    Or the “polpo all’inferno” so named because it was once cooked on the grill, nowadays it is stewed with laurel, marjoram, chili pepper, tomato and some white wine.

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    The enchanted village

    The village of Tellaro is wrapped up into a magical atmosphere like in a fairytale world.
    Dressed io as wizards, princes, kings and queens, people want to entertain children telling them fairy tales and showing them ancient crafts through the small streets of Tellaro.
    During the night the offer a mysterious potion to drink.

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